The MLS is a shared listing service among licensed Real Estate Agents and Brokers. Members of the MLS input information regarding properties available for sale into a database that is dispersed to all participants in the MLS. All members of the MLS have a right to show/sell an advertised property and are offered a commission should they present an offer that results in the sale of the property. The majority of all home sales are made through listing on the MLS due to its vast reach to thousands of Real Estate Professionals.
Due to the simple fact that there is a very large network of agents working with buyers. Listing a home on the MLS will notify all local agents that your home is for sale. Agents and Brokers represented 88% of buyers on home purchases in 2017. In other words, the best way to reach nearly 9 out of 10 possible home buyers is by listing on the MLS.
No – There is no other additional listing fees besides the one-time fee you pay at closing or upfront depending on your plan choice. Traditionally a Listing Agent will take a full 6% commission. With us you only pay a low one-time fee for our listing services.
Real Estate Agents will not work for free nor want to show your home without compensation. You can decide how much commission to offer when submitting your MLS listing. The commission you’re willing to pay is then stated on the MLS listing for all Agents and Brokers to see. We highly recommend offering a commission at the industry standard 3% since your listing will be competing for the attention of many Buyer Agents. Most listings on the MLS offer 3% to the Buyer’s Agent. Once listed if a Buyer’s Agent finds an interested party, shows your home and then it results in a successful sale, you are required to pay the Buyer’s Agent commission amount that you chose to offer on the MLS at closing. *Please note we reserve the right to cancel and refund your order if you do not agree to offer a Buyers Agent commission of at least 2% so that we may maintain our positive reputation among Buyer Agents. If we tarnish our reputation by listing homes with oddly low Buyer Agent commissions it will seriously harm our ability to sell our client’s homes efficiently. Remember we want your home to actually sell, we’re not here to just list it, make a buck and walk-away.  Companies like that have terrible reputations with Agents and many of them will not even show their listings. We like to do things the right way. Plus it really doesn’t make any sense to list on the MLS without offering a reasonable Buyer Agent commission. Remember the MLS is the number one way homes are sold and that is due to Buyer Agents.
Yes, you can cancel anytime on any plan as long as there is not a pending sale on your property.
For refunds, the Hero plan and the Champion plan are refundable within the first 14 days. On the $0 upfront Superhero plan if you cancel before 30 days you will be required to pay a $195 reimbursement fee, however after 30 days there is no fee to cancel.  Please do not be mistaken by our low fees, we invest a lot of time, effort and money into marketing your listing so as a courtesy we do ask for a reasonable amount of time to sell it. While most of our properties sell in the first 30 days some listings may take longer due to unique challenges in property conditions, remote locations or overpricing. Remember most traditional Agents and Brokers require a standard 6 month contract, while we at Home Selling Heroes will never rope you into any long term contracts.
This actually is our number one asked question. Our business model is unique but very simple Please

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No. The Realtor MLS prohibits the use of Non-Brokerage signs and “For Sale By Owner” advertisements. Any other company that tells you otherwise is going against MLS policy. Only Realtors can list properties on the MLS and once listed you are no longer legally by definition a “For Sale By Owner”. You’ll note however that we provide a Brokerage sign for you at no additional cost.
You can request changes at anytime by contacting your assigned Hero Realtor or our office at 866-550-HERO or via email at HomeSellingHeroes@gmail.com.
We cover most metropolitan and surrounding areas on the Wasatch Front. However if you have a listing in a remote location please contact us first to ensure we can cover it before signing up.
Yes. You can upgrade anytime by contacting your assigned Hero Realtor or you can contact our office directly by phone or email at HomeSellingHeroes@gmail.com. There is no additional charge for this. If you are past your intial 14 day refund period, upgrades are non-refundable. 
Yes, we are a fully licensed and insured Real Estate Brokerage. We are not a third party company like many other flat fee companies. When you sign up with us you can always count on working directly with a true licensed Real Estate Professional.
In most cases we do not service listings that offer uncommon terms such as "Seller Financing" or "Leases with a Purchase Option" (aka Rent to Own) due to the liability cost. Please contact us before signing up and we will let you know if we can provide listing services for you or not.

Photo Questions

The MLS allows unlimited amount of photos but we do not recommend over 25 as too many photos may actually hinder the amount of live showings you have. They only support JPEG images. For best results images should have a 4 X 3 aspect ratio or wide lens. Alternatively you can also order the Superhero or Hero plans which both include high-end HDR professional photography.
Typically within 1 business day. The Photographer will arrange a convenient time that works for you to ensure your home is properly prepared for the photography
Within 1 business days from the time we receive photos.