Your dedicated Buyer’s Agent will guide you through all aspects of the buying process. We will not only assist in finding your new home, but negotiating the best value and ensuring your offer stands out from the rest. We coordinate with the listing agent, escrow officer, and loan officer to ensure the transaction is going as smooth as possible. In addition negotiating any repairs or loan requirements necessary. In the event that an issue arises during the transaction. We have the highest quality of agents, with experience and expertise to be able to rectify any situation.

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Market Area & Knowledge

Looking in a specific area? We provide you with market trends of an area or neighborhood for more accurate evaluation of the value. We also can furnish demographics, school information, local popular sites and more. When you want to see a home, we promptly schedule the showing and give you a tour quickly as possible.

Skilled Negotiation

Having our certified professionals help negotiate your offer on a property will likely save you thousands of dollars. Additionally we help you understand and consider all possible conditions and terms to save you from any unnecessary legal pitfalls.

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Buyer Perks

Along with saving you thousands on the sale of your home. We offer some Buyers Rebate to show our appreciation for earning your trust and allowing us to help you on your purchase.

Frequently asked questions

How much will your services cost me?

How this works is simple. When a Sellers list their home with an agent, the Sellers have a contract with the agent where they agree to pay them a percentage of the purchase price. The agents will then list the property on the MLS, offering to split the commission with another agent that has a Buyer. If the Buyer uses the Listing Agent or no agent at all, in most cases it won’t save the Sellers on commissions as there is a contract in place for the full amount.

We're planning on building our next home, so your services aren't necessary

This is a really common scenario and absolutely untrue. We’re able to help you even during a build. Builders operate in similar fashion as traditional listings, If you come unrepresented the builder will often pocket the commission that was offered, and you’re left being unrepresented (Also see: “How much will your services cost me”). It’s common to believe the builders agent has your best interest at heart, as they are usually pretty helpful. But it is worth noting, that they do still represent the builder. So if issues are to arise, you’re left to navigate those issues yourself.

Do we have to use a particular lender or escrow officer?

Absolutely not! Unlike other companies offering perks, you can use a lender of your choosing and still qualify to receive your rebate. We have experience with a variety of lenders & escrow officers and are able to recommend some great options, if you are in need of assistance finding one. There is no mortuary benefit, we just want to ensure you have a great experience.

Do you have incentives if we use you on our purchase?

In addition to our full Buyer's Agent representation (contract drafting, showings, transaction coordination, negotiation skills, market knowledge, etc). You also have a choice of a home warranty, cleaners, moving trucks, and more. We want to help make your move as seamless and stress free as possible, by offering services that do just that! **Restrictions may apply - contact your Hero agent for more information**